China may chalk up more debt as lockdowns hit the economy

Covid lockdowns have hit China’s economy, and the Asian giant might have to issue more debt to continue meeting its growth target. Kevin Frayer | Getty Images News | Getty Images China may have to issue more debt as it tries to keep growing in the face of Covid lockdowns that are stunting its economy. … Read more

Economic figures suggest China’s economy is beginning to slow down. What could this mean for Australia?

At least the air quality has improved. The lockdowns across China couldn’t have come at a worse time for Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party and the economy. But as dawn broke on Monday, for the 27 million residents of Shanghai and the 19 million in Guangzhou — who have been ordered into harsh lockdowns … Read more

The biggest risk to the global economy that no one is talking about

Nearly 400 million people across 45 cities in China are under full or partial lockdown as part of China’s strict zero-COVID policy. Analysts are ringing warning bells, but say investors aren’t properly assessing how serious the global economic fallout might be from these prolonged isolation orders. Watch the video above for more on the desperate … Read more

Shanghai is China’s richest city. But even billionaires and celebrities aren’t safe from its extreme lockdown

It’s known as a city that never sleeps and where Chinese elites reside. Key points: Many residents of Shanghai are searching social media for essentials for sale Neighborhood grocery buying groups have become common in the face of food shortages Residents are required to get a PCR test result before they can access emergency medical … Read more