Bold & Beautiful: Liam Spends the Night With Steffy as Hope Worries to Thomas

At the cliff house, Taylor holds Hayes and admires Kelly’s sign for her mother. Thomas admits he wasn’t sure this homecoming was going to happen The door opens and Ridge wheels Steffy in. Kelly draws her mommy’s attention to the sign she made and proclaims she’s a big girl. Steffy embraces her. “Mommy’s home.” More: … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Liam Interrupts Sheila’s Attempt to Kill Steffy

In Steffy’s room, Sheila looms over her sleeping form and wonders how long it will be until she remembers every sickening detail of that night. She thinks to herself, “I don’t want to do this but I don’t see any other way.” She reaches toward the buttons on Steffy’s pain med machine. In the hallway, … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Sheila Plots to Kill Steffy by Overdose in Hospital

In the hospital, Steffy’s family members, and even Sheila, cry as they watch her weep over Finn’s death. She gasps, “Wh-wh-why?” Thomas says nobody knows yet. Steffy gasps, “He’s dead? Someone shot and killed my husband?” She sobs. More: B&B should take notes from *this* show In the hall, Bridget listens as Hope wonders how … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Steffy Breaks Down Sobbing Upon Learning Finn’s Dead

In the hospital waiting area, Brooke complains to Liam that Steffy is becoming more and more dependent on him and Hope jumps in to say that she doesn’t even know about Finn and Hayes. She believes Liam should be the one to tell her as sensitively as possible. “But Steffy should know you’re not her … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Sheila Plans to Kill Steffy in Her Hospital Room

In Steffy’s hospital room, Baker tells her they’re hoping she can remember a little more about when she was shot. Sheila enters as Steffy is asked, “Do you remember who shot you?” After flashing to a door in the alley, the patient says, “I’m starting to remember.” More: B&B’s annoying repetitiveness struck again In the … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Steffy’s Memories Begin to Return as Baker Questions Her

In her hospital room, Steffy talks about how good it feels to be with her family again. Kelly says she missed her. Steffy missed her too, and missed her husband. Hope watches as the threesome share a close moment. More: Photos: Jacqueline Wood’s birthday weekend with hubby In the hallway, Brooke accuses Taylor of taking … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Brooke Accuses Taylor of Trying to Come Between Liam and Hope

In Steffy’s hospital room, Liam assures her everything is going to be okay. She agonizes over not being able to remember being shot. Liam says what’s important is that she’s safe and her family’s there. She touches his arm, “My husband.” Liam talks to her about getting better and going home. Steffy nods — going … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Hope Reels as Liam Lets Steffy Believe He’s Her Husband

In her hospital room, Steffy cries, “Thank God, my sweet husband,” as she caresses Liam’s face. In the corridor, Hope assures her mother that she’s not worried about Liam’s concern for Steffy. When she remembers that horrible night, they’ll all be there for her — including Liam. “That’s the way it should be.” He loves … Read more