What Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s tell us about the economy

How well is the American consumer holding up against sky-high inflation? It depends on whom you ask. Four major retailers — Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s — reported quarterly financial results this week, and they each offered a different perspective on where and how people are spending their money. Walmart said some of its … Read more

China may chalk up more debt as lockdowns hit the economy

Covid lockdowns have hit China’s economy, and the Asian giant might have to issue more debt to continue meeting its growth target. Kevin Frayer | Getty Images News | Getty Images China may have to issue more debt as it tries to keep growing in the face of Covid lockdowns that are stunting its economy. … Read more

Why the UK economy is one of the most vulnerable right now

George Clerk | E+ | Getty Images There’s an economic idiosyncrasy in the UK that makes it “one of the most vulnerable countries in the world right now,” according to an investment strategist. Mike Harris, the founder of Cribstone Strategic Macro, argues that a major problem for Britain is that its mortgage market is “heavily … Read more

Baby boomers under fire as younger generations hit back over rate hike and suggestion they’re too soft

The generation divide has been well and truly exposed when it comes to Tuesday’s interest rate hike. The West Australian’s front page on Wednesday, where an 85-year-old retiree scoffs at the Reserve Bank of Australia’s first rate increase in nearly 12 years, has been flooded with comments from millennials and baby boomers to those in … Read more

Emma Hernan Claims Ben Affleck Hit Her Up a Bunch on Raya

The last time we saw the gorgeous realtors of Selling Sunset on our television screens, they were chasing resident villainess Christine Quinn out of a party for the Oppenheim Group after she had been caught in a web of lies and shady remarks. What should’ve been an explosive conclusion to a season structured around Quinn’s … Read more