Meghan and Harry Netflix deal under pressure over Queen’s Jubilee filming

Meghan and Harry are in a nightmare situation ahead of the Queen’s Jubilee with the streaming giant applying the pressure. If you were going to pitch a TV series to a major streaming platform, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect plot: A beautiful damsel in distress (and diamonds), a dashing prince riding in his … Read more

How Amazon, American Airlines and Subaru burn waste to make energy

In northern California’s Stanislaus County, next to a landfill, there’s a company managing waste in a very different way: by burning trash instead of burying it. The energy recovery facility run by New Jersey-based Covanta harnesses steam to make enough electricity to power 18,000 homes in the area. A portion of the waste comes from … Read more

Eva Mendes, 48, RETURNS to Instagram to promote kitchen SPONGES

Eva Mendes is back on Instagram. The 48-year-old Training Day actress made her first post in three months on Thursday morning as she shared a paid partnership to promote kitchen sponges. This comes after the partner of 41-year-old Ryan Gosling said she took time off from social media to be with their two kids, Esmerelda, … Read more

Virgin flight turns back because co-pilot not trained

A Virgin flight was forced to turn around 40 minutes into its journey after it was discovered the co-pilot wasn’t properly trained. Passengers were reportedly left fuming after a Virgin Atlantic flight to New York was forced to turn back to London when it became apparent that the co-pilot was not qualified to fly because … Read more

Met Gala 2022: Inside intense throng of fans desperate to catch a glimpse of the stars

With tickets at more than $40,000 a pop, mere mortals can’t go to the Met Gala. But super fans have another way of seeing their idols and it comes with real risks. For the New Yorkers on the M3 bus to Harlem, jams are nothing new on Madison Avenue, the ritzy thoroughfare dotted with Chanel, … Read more

Bill Murray’s admission after ‘inappropriate behaviour’ claims

Bill Murray made his first public comments about his behavior on set after a complaint led to the suspension of filming on his latest movie. Bill Murray says he doesn’t want to be “a sad dog that can’t learn anymore” after a complaint by a woman about his “inappropriate behavior” on set led to the … Read more

Meghan Markle’s Netflix Pearl cancellation is another blow in a string of flops

Meghan Markle’s animated series has been dumped by Netflix – and the sacking reveals an uncomfortable truth for the Duchess. When Meghan Markle, former suits star, blogger and one-time designer of a mid-range clothing range for a mid-range department store, married Prince Henry Charles Albert David, she made history. Not just because she was the … Read more

Blake Lively shows more than she bargained for in sheer white top

Blake Lively made a casual but memorable appearance on the streets of New York City on Friday afternoon. The 34-tear-old Gossip Girl star showed off more than she must have bargained for as she modeled a sheer white top that was so low-cut it showed cleavage. This sighting comes just three days before she is … Read more

Tina Brown on Meghan and Prince Harry’s time in royal ‘snake pit’

A royal insider has revealed what royal life really looked like for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – and it’s no hold barred. How’s this for a spot of irony: of all the property associated with the British monarchy there is none more synonymous with royalty than Buckingham Palace – and yet of all the … Read more

Alec Baldwin takes his baby children out for a walk with the family’s nanny in NYC

Alec Baldwin was spotted while going for a walk with his two youngest children, son Eduardo and daughter Lucia, and his family’s nanny in New York City on Friday. The 64-year-old performer pushed a double-decker stroller along the Big Apple’s crowded streets. The actor’s coming out comes during a particularly turbulent period of his life, … Read more