Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Set Pictures: David Tennant’s New Costume

Oh, you’ve redecorated! We like it.image: BBC Even more actors join Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon. Get a look at the cast of HBO’s gremlins cartoon, Secrets of the Mogwai. The first images from the Quantum Leap reboot are here. Plus, what’s coming on the now-final season of Roswell, New Mexico. Spoilers away! Pirates of the … Read more

Season 6, episode 6 “Ax And Grind”

Christopher Kelly and Rhea Seehorn in Better Call Saulphoto: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television fans of Better Call Saul‘s predecessor have debated: Did Walter White really spend that series’ five seasons breaking bad, or did he simply finally find his way to his true self? Perhaps that question, considering the nuance Saul has spun for her, … Read more

a frank and remarkable documentary

Hold Your Fire directed by Stefan Forbesimage: Courtesy of IFC Films. An IFC Films release In the star trek episode “A Taste of Armageddon,” William Shatner’s Captain Kirk gives a memorable speech to the head a planetary fact engaged in a seemingly intractable civil war. “We’re human beings with the blood of a million savage … Read more

Avatar’s Aliens Use Tentacles for Sex and Controlling Animals

Screenshot: 20th century Thanks to a recent re-releaseJames Cameron’s 2009 CG megahit avatar has topped Avengers: Endgame to regain the #1 spot as the highest-grossing movie of all time. Chances are end game will get a revival eventually, and then avatar will have another, and the two films will trade places back and forth for … Read more

A Wild Piece of Sci-Fi Film History

“Multipass.” Milla Jovovich as Leeloo in The Fifth Element.image: SonyPictures A few years before tHey One dodged bullets in TheMatrix or Darth Maul emerged in The Phantom Menacea red-haired savior name Leeloo said “multimate pass.” The ’90s were a wonderful time for fans of science fiction, with instant hits like Jurassic Park other Independence Day … Read more

Season 3, Episode 3 “ben mendelsohn”

Bill Hader in barryphoto: Merrick Morton/HBO After two episodes of nonstop tension and escalating crazy—Barry kidnapping Cousineau and exploding at Sally at her workplace, Bolivians gunning for Chechens—barry had to ease up on the gas. There are still surprising turns in this week’s descent into assassin-actor delusion—we check in on each wing of the story … Read more

F. Murray Abraham Wants More Khonshu After Moon Knight

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A Review Of John Madden’s Operation Mincemeat

Colin Firth as Ewen Montagu and Matthew Macfadyen as Charles Cholmondeleyphoto: Giles Keyte/Courtesy See-Saw Films and Netflix Operation Mincemeat, a richly engaging World War II spy drama from director John Madden, opens with voiceover narration which asserts that a good story contains that which is seen, and also that which is hidden. Over the course … Read more

Review: The Wilds season 2

The Wilds season 2photo: Amazon Studios “Well, if it’s any consolation, the boys haven’t fared much better.” This line from The Wilds‘ first season would become the key to the show’s sophomore outing (and, perhaps, also its undoing). After spending 10 episodes plumbing the depths of teenage trauma with diverse, exclusively female stories, season one … Read more

A Review Of Gaspar Noe’s Vortex

Dario Argento, Alex Lutz, and Françoise Lebrun in Gaspar Noe’s Vortexphoto: Utopia Gaspar Noé made his name as a filmmaker with assaultive, brutal “cinema of the body,” unflinchingly depicting humans at their worst. Dario Argento is considered a master of horror, primarily in the gruesome Italian giallo style. When the two come together to collaborate, … Read more