Shanghai declares zero-Covid milestone but residents cast doubt on reopening

Hong Kong CNN — Shanghai officials on Tuesday said they had achieved “zero-Covid at the community level” in what appeared to be a turning point in a heavy-handed and costly campaign to tame an Omicron outbreak – but many residents remain skeptical the city will reopen anytime soon . “Zero-Covid at the community level” means … Read more

China may chalk up more debt as lockdowns hit the economy

Covid lockdowns have hit China’s economy, and the Asian giant might have to issue more debt to continue meeting its growth target. Kevin Frayer | Getty Images News | Getty Images China may have to issue more debt as it tries to keep growing in the face of Covid lockdowns that are stunting its economy. … Read more

Wall Street’s losses worsen as markets tumble worldwide

NEW YORK (AP) — Wall Street is tumbling toward its lowest point in more than a year on Monday as renewed worries about China’s economy pile on top of markets already battered by rising interest rates. The S&P 500 was 2.1% lower in afternoon trading after coming off its fifth straight losing week, its longest … Read more

Top CEOs fear worst in Europe

Top European CEOs are fearing a euro zone recession as a confluence of economic shocks continues to threaten the outlook for the bloc. Alex Kraus | Bloomberg | Getty Images LONDON — The CEOs of several European blue chip companies have told CNBC that they see a significant recession coming down the pike in Europe. … Read more

Kiwi Chow’s film cannot be named in Hong Kong. But Revolution of Our Times is empowering the diaspora in Australia

As the beating of drums echoed through a cinema in Sydney, almost the entire audience, from the grey-haired man with a walking stick at the front to the teenager at the back, rose and sang the song that is now illegal in Hong Kong. They had gathered for a screening of Revolution of Our Times, … Read more

Watch a swarm of DRONES navigate through dense forest with incredible precision

From Blade Runner 2049 to Star Wars: Episode III, many of the most popular science fiction blockbusters feature swarms of flying cars. Now, scientists have taken inspiration from these films, to train swarms of drones to navigate through dense forests with expert precision. The team from Zhejiang University captured incredible footage of 10 bright blue … Read more

Why interest rate rises and inflation strategy could lead to economic burnout

Inflation and interest rises are causing huge pressures for everyday Aussies – and there’s a worrying sign we’re heading for “economic burnout”. On Wednesday, the release of the latest inflation figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that Australian inflation was well and truly outside of the Reserve Bank’s target band of 2-3 per … Read more

Inflation, interest rates and discount rates in Australia explained

It’s all connected. Interest rates, inflation and discount rates move together. And that affects a lot of things, including the stock market. If you thought prices were rising, you were absolutely right. Australian consumer price inflation came out and it was a whopper. The highest headline inflation number we’ve seen since 2000-01. And back then … Read more

Chinese drone giant DJI suspends business in Russia, Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine was news

DJI, the world’s largest drone manufacturer, has announced it is temporarily halting operations in Russia and Ukraine, in a rare example of a Chinese firm suspending business in response to the war in Ukraine. The Shenzhen-headquartered company said on Wednesday it would suspend its business in the two countries while “internally reassessing compliance requirements in … Read more

How Russia’s war in Ukraine is causing economic supply chain havoc

There’s one thing Russia has that the world needs – and Putin knows it. If he pulls off his plan then it could cause a “global crisis”. beer bread microchips. couches These are the telltale first signs of looming economic carnage triggered by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. Things weren’t great to start … Read more