Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Set Pictures: David Tennant’s New Costume

Oh, you’ve redecorated! We like it.image: BBC Even more actors join Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon. Get a look at the cast of HBO’s gremlins cartoon, Secrets of the Mogwai. The first images from the Quantum Leap reboot are here. Plus, what’s coming on the now-final season of Roswell, New Mexico. Spoilers away! Pirates of the … Read more

Photos of Queen Elizabeth might have exposed Prince Charles plan

Days after she was too sick to attend the State Opening of Parliament, the Queen has stepped out, and the pictures expose her “cunning” plan. And…she’s back! The smile! The pink lippie! The basically superglued on pearls! Her Majesty the Queen, after the mysterious mobility issues, the wheelchair claims, the eleventh hour cancellations, the cryptic … Read more

Prince Charles photo from parliament opening should panic Harry, Meghan

The fraught relationship between Prince Charles and Prince Harry looks sets to get a lot more rocky as Charles takes a huge step. I highly doubt the Queen has ever listened to anything by or vaguely like Bob Dylan (except maybe if she was forced to sit through Prince Edward staging a DIY performance of … Read more

Tina Brown’s Palace Papers reveals Meghan ‘hated’ ‘pointless’ Australia tour

A new book claims Meghan Markle was left mystified when thousands turned out to see her and “hated every second” of her visit Down Under. If there was a Best Supporting Country award when it came to royal history, Australia would win hands down. Whether it’s widely known or not, our shores have provided the … Read more

New calls for Prince Andrew to be stripped of Duke of York title

Prince Andrew was just dealt another blow, raising the possibility that the UK government could step in and take the most drastic step yet. Andy Warhol famously quipped that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame and this week it was the City of York’s councillors’ turn to bask in the heat of the spotlight. On … Read more

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle planning to return to UK, royal family

They were four simple words, dropped into a much-publicised TV interview – but Prince Harry might just have revealed more than he bargained for. When it comes to expensively indulging their whims, the British royal family holds their own. The Queen spends a literal fortune on her race horses, Prince Charles is believed to have … Read more

Prince Andrew could go broke if Charles cuts off Duchy money

Prince Andrew might still enjoy being supported by his mumsy and a huge, free house but that could all change and very soon. Back in the day, a monarch had plenty of nifty options for how to deal with an errant sibling. Exile to the Continent was always a popular choice (eg King George VI … Read more

Queen outplays Meghan and Harry with Jubilee invite

Meghan and Harry have been outsmarted by the Queen in a move that could see them left on the backfoot if they don’t act. The British royal family has, throughout the ages, had a long genetic history of haemophilia, weak chins and an uncomfortable fascination with fascism. (Maybe it’s the uniforms? They do like a … Read more

Prince Harry’s Today interview on Queen’s birthday is lowest move yet

Prince Harry’s latest move against the royal family comes on a particular day of importance and it’s been labeled an “insult”. Let’s start with something nice shall we? A sweetener if you like. On Thursday, to mark the Queen’s 96th birthday, Buckingham Palace released a new photo of Her Majesty, showing her beaming and enjoying … Read more

Meghan and Harry’s Netflix show will ‘hijack’ Queen’s jubilee, senior royals fear

Senior royals believe Meghan and Harry could attempt to “overshadow” the Queen’s upcoming platinum jubilee to film content for their debut Netflix series. Royals fear the Harry and Meghan show could “hijack and overshadow” the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee if the couple return for the celebration. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s every step at this … Read more