Top Gun: Maverick: Heartbreaking reason Val Kilmer’s ‘Iceman’ role is tiny

Val Kilmer makes a near-miraculous comeback as ‘Iceman’ in the new film Top Gun: Maverick. Top Gun fans better get in the brace position for the most heart-tugging reunion when Val Kilmer makes a near-miraculous comeback in the forthcoming sequel. Even Tom Cruise’s daring aerial stunts fail to match the bravery of the 62-year-old actor … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres ‘crying a lot’ ahead of TV farewell

Insiders have spilled on the emotionally-charged final days on the set of the embattled Ellen show, revealing the host was regularly in tears. During the two weeks in the run up to the finale of her long-running talk show, Ellen DeGeneres was emotional, sources have revealed. “Ellen’s been crying a lot,” a source told Page … Read more

Depp Heard trial: Amber lashed as ‘sociopathic show pony’

One of Johnny Depp’s closest friends has torn into his ex, Amber Heard, making claims on the couple’s breakup as their $100m defamation trial continues. One of Johnny Depp’s closest friends believes Amber Heard is “a sociopathic show pony” who is hellbent on destroying the star. Gina Deuters – who is the wife of Depp’s … Read more

Baby giraffe in US zoo fitted with custom leg braces to help it walk properly

A baby giraffe born in a US zoo with a life-threatening leg condition has been fitted with customised, human medical-grade leg braces to help her walk. Key points: Msituni was born with hyperextended carpi — which made her front limb bend the wrong way Vets at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park reached out to … Read more

EXC: Fred Savage does yard work in first sighting since Wonder Years firing

Fred Savage was spotted for the first time since he was axed from his roles as executive producer and director of ABC’s revived The Wonder Years amid ‘three separate allegations’ of inappropriate conduct. On Saturday, Savage, 45, was spotted for the first time since his firing when he left an apartment in Westwood, California and … Read more

Kim Kardashian the blonde bombshell wears her hair down

Kim Kardashian smoldered as the blonde bombshell when she was seen with her newly bleached hair worn down on Instagram Stories on Thursday. The 41-year-old reality TV siren was fully made up with a beige SKIMS bra as she mugged to the camera inside the closet of her Hidden Hills, California mansion. ‘I’ve missed blonde … Read more

Khloe Kardashian reveals plump pout and disappearing curves after Met Gala

She admitted that her anxiety went ‘through the roof’ while posing in a golden gown at this year’s Met Gala in New York on Monday, and it seems Khloe Kardashian couldn’t wait to get back into her normal routine. The 37-year-old reality star was pictured back in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday with her three-year-old … Read more

Why men voluntarily undergo limb-lengthening procedure

Hundreds of men around the world are opting to undergo a “sick” and “life-aging” procedure in a drastic effort to make themselves taller. Hundreds of men around the world are opting to undergo a “sick” and “life-aging” procedure in a drastic effort to make themselves taller. speaking to Buzzfeed News this week, Los Angeles man … Read more

Inside Johnny Depp’s castle in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

For movie fans hoping to gawk at Johnny Depp’s quirky castle in West Hollywood, it’s virtually impossible to see. But there’s a weird history behind this home. Among the many shocking stories to be aired in the defamation trial Johnny Depp has brought against his ex-wife Amber Heard is a video that the actress clandestinely … Read more

Girls 10th anniversary: ​​What are its stars doing now?

Highly influential and always buzzy, girls really captured the conversation at the time. What are its stars doing now? Ten years ago this month, a lightning rod of a series premiered on TV. Everyone loved to love it, and everyone loved to hate it. With equal parts devotees and detractors, Lena Dunham’s Girls was never … Read more