Google Pixel 6a vs 5a: Which should you buy?

Google Pixel 6a vs 5a: Which should you buy?

Future proof Google Pixel 6a The Pixel 6a represents a bold new vision of mid-range phones from Google. It’s got the same great looks and powerful Google Tensor processor as the more expensive Pixel 6 without an increase in price over the Pixel 5a. The future looks great with Google! + Google Tensor SoC + … Read more

7 Gmail Browser Extensions to Use if You’re Always in Pursuit of a Cleared Inbox

Google pretty regularly adds new features to Gmail, but there’s always room for improvement, and third-party developers have been quick to plug the gaps. Here are seven Gmail browser extensions that are polished and powerful enough to be native features (and hopefully will be one day…). 1. Checker Plus for Gmail (Chrome, Edge) Checker Plus … Read more

Big TV days are here! Take your senses on a blissful journey with the Samsung Neo QLED TV – a treat for your eyes!

If we are to analyze the latest trends in the current television market, there’s a clear indication that consumers are vying for larger screens. This preference is significantly driven by the need for immersive television viewing where one gets the best-in-class cinematic experience, stunning surround sound and the option to transform the good old TV … Read more

Inside Intel’s Arc graphics plans: “We’re taking a completely different approach”

After Arc’s initial hype, led by the hire of AMD Radeon graphics head Raja Koduri in 2017, Intel embarked on the long grind towards releasing its debut discrete graphics chips. The competition has only strengthened since. Nvidia is riding high on wins in both the enthusiast and enterprise world. AMD, meanwhile, is placing pressure on … Read more

Apple Podcasts gains storage clean-up tools, support for annual subscriptions and a new distribution system – TechCrunch

As the battle for podcaster talent and distribution heats up among providers, Apple this morning announced the launch of several new features for its Apple Podcasts service arriving alongside the latest software updates for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Key among these are features for managing podcast storage across devices, tools to enable annual podcast subscriptions, … Read more