Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Overwatch 2’ Battle Pass And Shop

Overwatch 2 is going to be vastly different from the original game. One of the big changes is to the business model. Loot boxes are gone and there’s no upfront fee to buy the game. It’s a free-to-play title that will have two Battle Pass tracks and an item shop. You might be wondering what all of that will look like. Thankfully, a couple of weeks ahead of launch, Blizzard has revealed more details.

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Each season of Overwatch 2 wants last nine weeks. There will be a free Battle Pass and a premium Battle Pass each season. The premium version costs 1,000 Overwatch Coins — or around $10.

Alles Overwatch 2 players will receive instant access to Sojourn and Junker Queen, as long as they log in during Season 1. Those who own the original game will immediately be able to play as the new support, Kiriko, as well. To do so, you’ll need to log in by the end of Season 1 to redeem your founder’s pack.

Otherwise, you will have automatic access to Kiriko if you buy the premium Battle Pass. Those on the free track will need to reach level 55. If you are unable to play Overwatch 2 in Season 1, there will still be ways for you to unlock Kiriko later.

There will be 80 or more tiers in each Battle Pass. Those on the free track will have access to some of the rewards that premium Battle Pass players can earn. They can snag 20 of them across the 80 tiers, including Kiriko (if they don’t already have her), two Epic skins, a weapon charm, a highlight intro, 14 other items (including emotes and sprays), prestige tier titles and two souvenirs.

Souvenirs are a new kind of cosmetic in Overwatch 2. “It’s an item that the player will display with a standard souvenir emote,” game director Aaron Keller said in an interview this week. “So, you can equip different souvenirs in the game, like a trophy or a salt shaker. Your hero will display it in an emote in in third person so that everyone else can see it.”

As for prestige tier titles, those can be earned after finishing the Battle Pass when you move on to the prestige tiers. Blizzard says prestige rewards take longer to unlock. In Season 1, you’ll be able to acquire eight unique hero titles that you can apply to your name card.

Meanwhile, if you’re on the free track and decide to buy the premium Battle Pass later in the season, all the premium rewards from the tiers you’ve cleared by that point will be unlocked.

Those who have the premium Battle Pass will be able to snag the items available on the free track and much more. The other items they’ll be able to unlock are:

  • 20% XP Battle Pass Boost
  • one Mythic skin
  • five Legendary skins and one Epic skin
  • three Play of the Game intros
  • four weapon charms
  • three emotes
  • three souvenirs
  • six poses
  • six name cards
  • more than 30 other cosmetics

Mythic skins are a new type of cosmetic and they’re customizable. You’ll be able to swap out layers and switch up the color scheme. The first Mythic skin is for Genji. Fitting in with the cyberpunk theme for the Season 1 Battle Pass, it’s called Cyber ​​Demon Genji. Blizzard shared a sick piece of art to show off the skin, which you can see at the top of this post.

Want another look at it? Of course you do:

There will be a new Mythic skin available in Season 2 (which starts on December 6), as well as a fresh theme, a different lineup of cosmetics and another new hero.

You’ll make progress on the Battle Pass just by playing the game and finishing matches. You’ll receive more XP by completing daily and weekly challenges, and get a 20% XP boost if you play while you’re grouped up.

One thing that the Battle Pass does not include is Overwatch Coins. You’ll be able to earn some for free by completing certain challenges. As I understand it, players will be able to earn enough Coins to buy one Battle Pass every two seasons.

As for the shop, you will be able to buy items as you see fit with Overwatch Coins. There will be cosmetic items availabled many of these will have a cyberpunk theme in Season 1.

The shop will include a Just for You every week section. It will have personalized offers based on what you play and equip. There will be rotating bundles here too. In the first few seasons of overwatch 2, the Just for You section and bundles will feature cosmetics from the original game.

You will still be able to unlock some of the current game’s cosmetics with Credits that transfer over from over watch by going to the Hero Gallery. Event cosmetics from over watch may be available to buy with Overwatch Coins from time to time, though it stinks that those won’t seem to be unlockable for free anymore without grinding through challenges.

There will also be two Legendary, one Epic and some Rare skins for each of Kiriko, Junker Queen and Sojourn that you can unlock with either Credits or Overwatch Coins. Meanwhile, you’ll still be able to use Overwatch League tokens to buy OWL cosmetics.

One more thing about Season 1, which starts when Overwatch 2 launches on October 4. It will introduce a new Push map called Esperança, which is set in Portugal. Unlike new heroes, all maps will be available to everyone from the jump.


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