I should love PSVR 2’s virtual cinema, but it’s half-baked without Dolby Atmos

I’ve always loved the idea of ​​using VR as a personal movie theater. Not too many of us have the space for a really huge home theater projector screen, but with VR, you can have that feeling even while sitting in a tiny box room, and it was one of my most hoped-for features of PSVR 2.

So when Sony announced that PSVR 2 will have a Cinematic Mode, I was so happy – at first. The 1080p-quality video screen is fair enough, considering the device only has 4K to play with in total. The ability to have a native 24fps refresh rate will hopefully mean you get that perfect cinematic feel to the motion, which most TVs in homes today can’t even get right. As someone who goes to the cinema multiple times per week, it sounds perfect for when I want to watch a large-scale movie when my TV is otherwise engaged.

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