Voss on Blues taking opportunities

MICHAEL Voss lauded his team’s ability to make the most of the opportunities presented to them.

In the middle portion of the game, Carlton ripped the game away from Adelaide, at one stage producing eight consecutive goals on the way to a 48-point victory.

Patrick Cripps and Charlie Curnow were once again among the best performers, but it was the effort and output across the board which most pleased the AFL Senior Coach.

On where the game was won:
“In the third quarter, when we had the opportunity, we really took it.

“That was on the back of having some good territory on the field throughout the night, and then it was about the finish. It was a really strong display and a lot more sustained intensity across the night, which is something we’ve been working on for a little while and reinforcing over the last little period of time.”

On whether the fourth quarter dampens the mood:
“Not at all.

“We can keep looking under the rug for things we need to improve, or we can look at the things we’re doing really well. In some ways, we got a bit of an audit of our game against Fremantle: we felt like we were pretty good around the contest and we feel like we’ve brought that every single week. I can’t fault our players when it comes to that.

“Some of the things we needed to reinforce and needed some adjustment, certainly in the consistency with the way we implemented them. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been making steady progress.”

On Carlton’s ability to dictate terms:
“Tonight we were lucky that we were able to get some really strong field position. That puts the opposition under enormous pressure to be able to transition the ball from one end to the other.

“They were able to a little bit in the first helped a little bit too often, but the players went to work on it and were able to adjust it. We got a lot of ball forward of center in that third quarter: there were no scores in the first seven or eight minutes, but in the back-end of the quarter we were able to put the foot down.”

On Patrick Cripps’ form:
“He’s been super consistent. He’s driving the standards exceptionally hard as the other boys are, ‘Next’ and ‘Walshy’. I felt like there was a really good accountability around standards that we started to form last week.

“To follow that up again was really good and everyone took their turn when they needed to. There were some really impressive displays with Charlie and Harry, but our small forwards went to work. It was a combination of both.”

On Jack Martin’s injury:
“It’s a calf at the moment for Jack. We’ll assess how bad it is: we hope it’s not too bad, but we’ll have to wait as we always do to tell us a true picture.”

On Charlie Curnow and Harry McKay’s connection:
“We forget they haven’t played a lot of football together: they’re really enjoying it. They’re loving forming that combination.

“We rarely see them in the same contest together. They have formed a great relationship in the last little while.

“What’s also complementing them is we have forwards that are just as dangerous, and giving us the ability to keep the ball in our forward line just that little bit longer. I don’t think they’ll mind having 74 inside 50s a game!”

On the form of the talls:
“I thought our talls in general were really impressive. Young down back, he’s building his game and building his confidence. ‘Next’ again was really strong.

“Tom De Koning was brilliant. The opposition he was against is very impressive, he’s a very good ruckman, and Tom well and truly did a great job.”

On Carlton’s third quarters in recent weeks:
“It says a lot about mindset. It’s not so much about method: we’ve come out in the right way and we’ve stuck to our task a hell of a lot more.

“It’s nice. There are still some things we’re trying to get right in our game, but to be able to come out in the third quarter and step that up is really important. That only happens if you have a group of players that are willing to take on the moment, and a group of leaders that are willing to own it.”

“I’ve been really pleased with how they’ve been willing to make adjustments at half time and take full accountability before going out and getting it done.”

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