NRL 2022: Triple M Anthony Maroon quits after walkout, Paul Kent, James Hooper, Gorden Tallis

A Triple M radio personality has stood down permanently after his on-air blow-up that resulted in apologies from co-hosts.

Popular radio personality Anthony Maroon has quit Triple M’s NRL Sunday team just one day after he returned to speak about his on-air walk-out for the first time.

The veteran radio host addressed the incident on Friday night ahead of the network’s NRL coverage of the game between the Bulldogs and Canberra.

Maroon became increasingly frustrated last Sunday over jokes made at his expense by co-hosts, including Fox League NRL 360 host Paul Kent, journalist James Hooper and Broncos legend Gorden Tallis, about the Australian Taxation Office, before eventually leaving the studio.

Kent was forced to anchor the rest of the program ahead of the Round 8 clash between the Dragons and Tigers.

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He said on Friday: “Obviously I thought it went too far so I took off out of the studio”.

It was announced on Sunday that he would no longer be part of the team.

He prepared a pre-recorded farewell which was played on Sunday ahead of Melbourne’s win over the Dragons.

He has been replaced by Triple M sports presenter Liam Flanagan.

“After seven or eight years on the show I’ve decided that’s it for me,” Maroon said in the pre-recorded message.

“I’m going to start having Sundays off and concentrate a little bit more on the commentary side of my career. Thanks so much to everybody for their support through the week, it’s just been absolutely not only wonderful but certainly overwhelming. The show will continue as normal. I won’t be on it but you will still get all your rugby league information and as it happens you will hear it right here first on the Sunday Sin Bin.”

Hooper has since apologized for his behavior in the segment that caused Maroon to storm out.

Maroon said on Friday he has since attended a function with his Triple M colleagues.

“If we have to mention it, I was a little bit upset. An incident occurred here last weekend,” Maroon said.

“Obviously I thought it went too far so I took off out of the studio.

“I just want to say thanks so much to the support of all the listeners who have bothered to stop me in the street and wish me all the best.

“I was at a function today with the boys and I got a similar reception which was absolutely wonderful.

“Not only that, I don’t need to say this, but Triple M management have checked in on me everyday and made sure I need what I need to get through these times, which is probably why I’ve spent most of my career here, and I’m very grateful to them.

“It’s onwards and upwards.”

Maroon’s Triple M co-star and Penrith legend Ryan Girdler added: “We’re glad you’re doing well, mate, and happy to have you back on deck.”

Triple M issued a statement during the week, saying: “On Sunday 1 May, during Triple M’s NRL broadcast, the on air team Anthony Maroon, Gorden Tallis, Paul Kent and James Hooper had a disagreement which led to Maroon leaving the broadcast. SCA is managing the issue internally.”

The drama started when NRL journalist James Hooper joked about Maroon and the Australian Taxation Office, which the radio presenter immediately took umbrage with.

“Hang on a minute, there’s some breaking news here, I just got a text message,” Hooper started. “Hello this is the ATO, the Australian Taxation Office, we have an inquiry.”

Maroon responded by mocking Hooper for losing his driver’s licence: “I don’t have a problem with the ATO, I welcome it mate but I am just wondering when are you going to be back on the road Hoops?”

Hooper then said: “Why are you jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof?”

Maroon continued: “I am fed up with it. I have asked you on air, I have asked you off air, I have asked you to stop and now I have told you I am hitting back. If I have got to copy it every week for five years, let’s have it out on the air. This is absolute bulls***. We might get a walkout.

“Let’s keep going boys because when it comes to you three, I live a very boring life. I am blowing up because I am sick to death of it. Now I have known for three years you have not had a license and I have not said anything on air. I have warned you 15 times, I don’t like this. I have been on air for 32 years, I am a professional. This particular issue I have probably raised on air and off air, I don’t know, 100 times. I have even sent emails to the powers that be … nothing. It never stops.”

Hooper chimed in: “You know the more you ask us to stop it, the funnier it gets.”

Maroon finished: “Mate, I don’t think it’s funny, it has already caused me a lot of grief. I’m not putting up with it anymore. I don’t like it. I have asked many, many times for it to stop. I am saying here and now, I am not even joking … I tell you what, I will leave you guys with it, OK.”

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