Neighbors Spoilers – Hendrix heads to Sydney as the Rodwells move in

Coming up on neighbors in the UK, Hendrix struggles as the Rodwell family move into Number 26 – they’re a constant reminder of his health issues. Will a trip to Sydney help him deal with his emotions?

These scenes air in the UK from Monday 9th May, and in Australia from Wednesday 8th June.

The Rodwell family – Andrew (Lloyd Will), Wendy (Candice Leask) and daughter Sadie (Emerald Chan) – have been gradually introduced to us over the last few months.

Sergeant Andrew Rodwell is Levi’s (Richie Morris) boss at the police station. He first appeared as a Police Constable back in 2018, played by David Lamb, but returned in late 2020 with a promotion under his belt and a change of actor.

Sadie was introduced alongside Aubrey Laing (Etoile Little), two teens who pretended to befriend Zara (Freya Van Dyke) with the ulterior motive of trying to drive her out of Erinsborough High.

Their plan saw them light a number of fires and blame them on Zara, culminating in a large fire at Erinsborough High which left Zara and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) trapped inside.

Zara managed to escape through an air vent, but Hendrix (Ben Turland) was forced to run into the school and rescue Mackenzie, who couldn’t climb into the vent due to her broken arm.

Wendy was first seen alongside her husband at the police ball, and Roxy (Zima Anderson) later befriended her in an attempt to get Andrew to keep Levi away from Freya (Phoebe Roberts).

Recent months have seen Sheila (Colette Mann) vacate No. 26 to move to the states, where she’s helping daughter Naomi (Morgana O’Reilly) after the death of her partner.

While Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Levi initially planned to buy the place off their gran, they were pipped to the post by the Rodwells, who have now bought the house and are moving into Ramsay Street.

This week, the removal trucks arrive on Ramsay Street, and the Rodwells move their belongings into their new home.

They’re delighted with their new place, but they have no idea that next down, Hendrix is ​​suffering a serious health condition as a result of Sadie’s actions.

Hendrix has spent the past few weeks suffering from regular coughing fits. When he saw a doctor, he was shocked to learn he has an autoimmune condition called sarcoidosis, which was triggered when he inhailed toxic chemicals during the fire at Erinsborough High.

Unfortunately for Hendrix, the usually manageable condition has already developed into pulmonary fibrosis, and has left him needing a lung transplant.

He’s devastated, but the news becomes even harder to handle when the Rodwells move in next door. As Sadie started the fire, the family’s presence acts as a constant reminder of his health crisis.

He turns to the Kennedys and Mackenzie for support, and they try to keep Hendrix’s mind off the family, fearful it will trigger him. Yet Wendy Rodwell seems to be everywhere, and her presence only makes him feel worse.

Zara (Freya Van Dyke) is also affected by Sadie moving onto Ramsay Street. However, she’s willing to put the past behind her, and she and Sadie are able to clear the air.

Yet when Zara heads to No. 28 hoping she can clear the air with Hendrix too, things get heated. When Sadie’s name is mentioned, Hendrix snaps and tells Zara about his condition, and how it’s all Sadie’s fault.

He begs her to stay quiet, but it isn’t Zara he has to worry about, and it’s not long before the news spreads throughout the street…

Wendy decides that they need to make an effort if they’re going to make friends, and invites the neighbors to a barbecue.

Yet the timing couldn’t be worse, and a huge argument erupted on Ramsay Street, with Mackenzie blurting out the truth about Hendrix’s health problems. Worse still, she makes it clear that the Rodwells are to blame!

In the wake of their nightmare barbecue, the Rodwells consider moving away, but they don’t think they can afford it.

After an olive branch from the Kennedys, they decide to stay and make it work with their new neighbors.

Meanwhile, Hendrix struggled to come to terms with the whole street knowing about his condition. It’s made worse by all the fighting around him, but Levi (Richie Morris) helps him start to work through his emotions.

Now that his secret is out, he’ll have to face telling his family, and decides to head to Sydney to do just that.

Yet seeing how his friends and the Kennedys have reacted to the diagnosis has left Hendrix emotionally overwhelmed, and he eventually decides not to tell his family.

When he and Mackenzie arrive in Sydney hoping for a stress-free trip, they take a trip down memory lane before visiting his family – father Pierce (Tim Robards), mother Lisa (Jane Allsop) and sister Alanna.

Hendrix tries to keep his illness a secret, but he’s forced to tell them when Alanna notices his strange behaviour.

Thankfully, they’re nothing but supportive, and will do anything to get him the care he needs.

Then, with the support of his loved ones, Hendrix decides to take a huge step forward…

Here are the spoilers for next week’s neighbors in the UK:

8842 – Monday 9th May (UK) / Wednesday 8th June (Aus)

Ned realizes he can’t make things work with Amy or Harlow, and decides to leave Erinsborough.

Ned’s decision hits Amy hard, as she suspects she’s pregnant.

Hendrix is ​​frustrated about the Rodwells moving onto Ramsay Street.

8843 – Tuesday 10th May (UK) / Thursday 9th June (Aus)

Ned says his final farewells as Amy panics she may be pregnant.

Nicolette and Paul uncover Glen’s big secrets.

Saddened by her empty house, Terese is once again comforted by the thought of Glen.

8844 – Wednesday 11th May (UK) / Monday 13th June (Aus)

Ramsay Street is shocked to learn Glen is Kiri’s biological father.

Corey’s manipulation of Harlow begins to attract suspicion from David.

Could Freya be Corey’s next target?

8845 – Thursday 12th May (UK) / Monday 13th June (Aus)

A heart-to-heart brings Terese and Glen closer than ever.

A visit from Barbara helps answer some of Kiri’s questions.

Karl helps Hendrix as he has another coughing fit – is his fatherly concern helping Susan soften towards him?

8846 – Friday 13th May (UK) / Tuesday 14th June (Aus)

It looks like Kiri’s “daddy issues” are far from over…

The Rodwells have moved onto Ramsay Street, and invite the neighbors to a barbecue.

8847 – Monday 16th May (UK) / Tuesday 14th June (Aus)

Harlow is oblivious to the danger she faces at the hands of Corey.

The news of Hendrix’s condition causes shock waves around Ramsay Street. Now he has to face his family…

The Rodwells consider moving away. Can the Kennedys help them make it work?

8848 – Tuesday 17th May (UK) / Wednesday 15th June (Aus)

Melanie feels like a third wheel in her own relationship.

Freya accepts Levi’s olive branch.

Corey further isolates a vulnerable Harlow.

8849 – Wednesday 18th May (UK) / Wednesday 15th June (Aus)

Can Glen convince Kiri to keep her job and stay in Erinsborough?

A desperate Corey whisks Harlow away for a weekend trip.

8850 – Thursday 19th May (UK) / Thursday 16th June (Aus)

The battle lines are drawn as Paul and Terese thrash out their divorce settlement.

Hendrix decides he won’t be telling his family about his condition.

Are Chloe and Kiri playing with fire?

8851 – Friday 20th May (UK) / Thursday 16th June (Aus)

Emotions run high as Hendrix takes Mackenzie to Sydney to see his family.

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