Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity is held captive as PK manipulates Mac

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Mackenzie finds herself in an impossible situation, as Flick is held captive and unable to help…

When Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) was made an extraordinary offer that would see her wipe out her business debts last week, it almost seemed to good to be true.

On employee Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) suggestion, the restaurant owner has been running illegal poker nights at Salt in the hope of raising enough funds to save the business. Salt is teetering on the brink, after Mac’s insurance company refused to payout for the losses incurred during the organophosphate attack last year.

With the first evening a roaring success, and with Flick and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) behind her all the way, the temptation to carry on proved too great for Mac.

When player Nathan (Ryan Panizza) stumbled into Salt, badly beaten and begging for Mac’s help after his big loss at their first event, she agreed to run another night and, feeling sorry for him, gave him a big wad of cash intended to cover Salt’s rent.

Although known to Flick, she wasn’t sure Nathan could be trusted, so Mac was surprised when Nathan not only returned the cash, but gave her a big amount of interest on top.

With Nathan apparently trustworthy after all, it didn’t take much persuasion for Mac to let one of Nathan’s friends, PK (Ryan Johnson) into their next poker night, particularly after he asked her to name her price.

Hostess Flick refused to kick a name off the list in order to bring in PK—that’s just not how it works at these sort of events—and pointed out that he could well be an undercover cop or criminal.

With Mac unwilling to compromise, Flick did a background check on PK herself, but whilst everything came up clean, she still felt uneasy.

PK cleaned up at the poker table that evening, and later made Mac an offer she couldn’t refuse. An exclusive night with one table, and a $5000 buy-in per player!

Mac explained to Flick that it could make over $50,000 and would wipe out Salt’s debts completely, so Flick reluctantly agreed.

With Ryder having left for a job on a cruise ship, it’s now down to Mac and Flick as the big night approaches this week.

PK soon throws a spanner in the works though when, after Flick confronts him and tells him to stop playing games, he tells Mac that Flick cannot host the evening. As the sister of local copper Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), it would put off the exclusive clientele.

Mac points out that she needs Flick’s expertise as she’s the only one who knows all the rules. However, when PK threatens to take his business elsewhere, Mac realizes she has no choice.

Flick implores Mac to read the warning signs but Mac is sure everything will be fine—she needs to do this for the business.

Tane (Ethan Browne) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) return to show their support for Mac, who is soon feeling overwhelmed with trying to run the table.

Meanwhile, Flick decides that she can’t let Mac go through this alone. Yet as she goes to leave, she’s surprised to find Nathan on the doorstep, with a heavy in tow!

Nathan suggests that maybe Flick would like to stay in the house for the evening, locking the door behind them as he barges in.

PK’s evening is just as successful as his last, but things take a twist when he then announces to Mac that the house has lost. As a result she owes the players $100,000!

As shown in a promo released by Seven last week, PK makes a proposition to Mac to cover the costs himself, if she spends the night with him in his hotel…

“One night with me, and I can make all your problems go away,” he tells her.

She wants so badly to be out of debt and is thinking that if she gives PK what he wants, all of her stress and problems will disappear,Emily told TV Week. “Then, [she feels] disgust at PK’s capabilities, fear that he could hurt her, shame because of her love and loyalty to boyfriend Logan.

The promo shows Mac approaching the hotel room as she wrestles with her conscience—will she go through with PK’s sleazy request?

When Flick is finally freed by Nathan the following morning, she races to find out what went down, and is stunned to hear the news.

The house does not actually play in poker, it’s player vs player and they simply take a percentage of the pot. Therefore, as Flick explains, it’s impossible for the house to owe money—the whole thing has been a scam!

The race is on to find Mac but she’s nowhere to be found… did she go through with it, or did she wise up to PK’s real motives?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away Episodes in Australia:

Monday 9th May (Episode 7789)

PK gives Mackenzie an ultimatum. Felicity won’t take orders from a stranger. Is Martha avoiding her health troubles?

Tuesday 10th May (Episode 7790)

Rose is concerned for Xander. PK suggests a sickening repayment plan. Felicity becomes a captive in her own house.

Wednesday 11th May (Episode 7791)

Mackenzie is out of options. Dean and Ziggy uncover PK’s scam. Theo gets a romantic visitor.

Thursday 12th May (Episode 7792)

Theo strikes a chord with Chloe. Will Mac confess to Logan? The police have eyes on Logan.

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